How a Poor Gutter System Can Cause Damages to Your Roof

Do you know that different types of roof have different issues as well? And some might even lead to irreversible damages costing you hundreds to thousands of dollars. However, the one thing that a lot of professional and reputable roofing service providers have learned along the way is that some issues common to all types of roofs are not really problems in the roofing itself but it usually starts with gutter problems, which would never occur if your roof only has great gutter guards in place.

In this article, you will be able to learn some of the common gutter problems in your roof that could end up damaging your roofing and will cost you too much for emergency repairs in the long run. Clogged gutter is actually considered as the most common roof gutter problem that is causing most damages to your roofing, but this is the most easily avoided problem through having good roof gutter guards.

The twigs and leaves collection in your gutter are the ones that traps water, simultaneously making it even heavier as well as creating more space for debris to gather. In addition to that, clogged gutters can also create a mini ecosystem in the gutter itself, attracting pests, making the gutter much heavier and not beneficial at all. As your gutter gets heavier, chances are that it will sag and can raise two new problems.

First, water may start spilling over your roof’s gutter or your gutter may start pulling away from the edge of your roof. Either way, there’s seepage of water that is leading to rotting of your boards, damaging interior walls, as well as roofing deterioration. In addition to that, a good gutter guard that is properly installed also stops these incidents even before they begin. This is actually a stealth gutter issue. It usually happens when your gutter is poorly installed, or is installed properly but poorly maintained, leaving a small and usually unnoticeable gap between your gutter and the edge of your roofing.

As a result, normal rain will have enough force to clear the edge of the roof as well as land in the gutter. However, as the downpour eases or even during a drizzle, water will have lesser force and it will drip through the gap as well as onto the siding, creating damage to the structure of your wall. Through time, the seepage will eat away the painting of your home and it will also eventually cause your boards to rot. In more severe cases, the water will also reach your ceilings and interior walls, which can lead to more costly repairs in the future.

That is why a great gutter guard is extremely important as it will not only prevent this unfortunate occurrence, but it will also help in preserving the lifespan of your roofing. However, in the event that your roof has already been damaged and you need any repair or installation service such as roof installation, consider hiring a professional and experienced roof service provider right away. For more details, you can also visit Kelowna roofing company BC.